Are you still conducting your marketing and sales processes manually?

Why not saving up your time through automating your manual and recurring processes so that you can focus on your most critical part of your business?

Marketing is an essential element of your business process but investing so much time in it will cost you more than the benefits it will bring to your business.

If you want your business to live in today’s cutthroat market competition then you need to automate your marketing processes through marketing automation. Marketing Automation will bring growth to your business with increased potential to cater your clients.

There are several companies offering Marketing Automation Software with different features. But before looking onto those software products we should know what benefits these automation systems would bring to your business. Here are the 4 surprising benefits you will find through marketing automation:



The marketing automation applications are brilliant time saver for your business operations. These applications can help you schedule multiple posts and campaigns ahead of time. For example, you can schedule your entire social media posts on all platforms within a day and set them to publish throughout the month. It will simplify your routine marketing and operational tasks by eliminating your manual processes with automation. This increases your marketing department’s productivity with a lot of saved time. It helps your marketing team to focus on more important tasks while monitoring your set automations with less hassle.



If you are currently using any marketing automation software do you remember how painful it was to get your customers on-board?

Manual customer on-boarding or customer success requires a lot of your staff’s effort and time. You might have to hire a big customer success team to get them on on-board. You know that every customer is unique with different requirements for their businesses.

Marketing automation allows you to automate your customer on-boarding process with preset customer journey. You can also segment your customers automatically by providing details and restrictions to your software. This feature will also help you to send personalized automatic messages and emails to your customers.

Your customers will be dealt individually through automation while you will just insert the details and message content just once.




If you are a small business and want to keep a small marketing team with reduced costs; marketing automation software will be an ideal pick for you. You will not require to hire an extra professional in your marketing team.

Moreover, if you are able to use your automation system more efficiently this will justify your investment cost of buying subscription for your marketing automation. 63% of the companies using integrated marketing automation are outperforming their competitors. Hence, automating your marketing and sales processes will definitely help in growing your revenue if integrated and monitored well.



The drip email marketing campaigns and automated workflows will help in nurturing your new and old leads. If you are not interacting with your acquired leads with consistency you will lose them and they might be taken by your competitors.

The automation software can enable you to create multiple marketing campaigns based on your clients and the actions they take. You can send them custom content based on their interests and the actions they took on your emails.

As it turns out, there are number of techniques to help improve your social media presence even if your competition pool is large. You just need to optimize your efforts and do the things in the right direction to see the positive results.


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