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Leads Transformed: Our SEM Approach

Are you facing these challenges right now?

    • Not showing up at the top of Google search results
    • Lower website conversions 
    • Decrease in inbound phone calls or genuine cases 
    • Investing in paid ads but not getting enough leads 
    • Hired marketing agencies in the past with mediocre results

    We can help you

      Search engine marketing has made it possible to generate quality leads.

      Our team has come up with a proprietary search engine marketing recipe that solves all the marketing challenges for law firms.

      Our strategy, for improving visibility and search engine ranking on Google focuses on using high density keywords strategically particularly targeting local audiences. We give priority to optimizing websites constantly by improving content and adjusting the layout to maximize traffic. By keeping your website organized and up to date it can easily adapt to market changes while maintaining a customer base.

      To cater to localized searches we create customized advertisements that specifically target locations. This approach enhances visibility and gives you an advantage in your local market. We understand that when managed effectively Google ads provide the way to expand your reach and acquire clients. Thus, we use ranking keywords for optimization and routinely conduct conversion tracking and performance analysis to improve your Google ads click rate. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your online presence is dynamic and aligns strategically with the needs of your customers leading to long term success.

      Our Five Core Services that Transforms Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine 

      You don’t need to keep an SEO agency on a retainer. Introducing Five Core Services to help you win on search engines.









      Ready for New Leads & Cases?

      1. Connect With Us on Call

      We will do a quick online audit of your law firm and discuss a future plan with you. 

      2. Receive a Detailed Plan of Attack 

      We will share a growth plan with you that will cover all the aspects of online search and a strong digital presence. The plan will have details on the budget and timelines. 

      3. Start Getting More Clients Regularly 

      Once you accept our marketing plan, we’ll get started and set up the search marketing campaigns. It usually takes 2 months for our clients to start getting new customers and improve online. 


      Starting at



      • Top Rankings in Google My Business Maps
      • Page 1 SEO website ranking
      • SEO content creation 
      • Optimized Local Ads
      • Targeted Google Ads & Retargeting 
      • Track Website Engagement & Conversion Rate
      • Monthly Reporting & Call

      Our Recipe/Approach Works for All Attorneys and Law Firms

      Personal Injury

      Criminal Defense

      Tax & Bankruptcy


      Family Law

      Estate Planning



      Make Your Website a Lead Generation Machine

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