The concept of social media marketing seems like a piece of cake on the surface. Creating your company profiles on all available social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn; sharing other’s posts with few of your own links and you are done. End of story…

Actually, this is not the case if you really want to generate some healthy and targeted leads. To setup your brand and showcase yourself as an influencer in the industry is not an easy task. In a time where every other business is marketing on social media for their products and services, breaking this iceberg is very difficult.

You need to be different from others in your brand message, creatives, offers and the list goes on. However, the more realistic approach is to optimize your efforts and develop your social media strategy in the right direction.

We are not here to scare you, but we will tell you how you can improve your social media presence by just following some of the best practices.

Here are 4 quick tips to improve the social media presence of your business.



If your business offers a B2B product or services is Snapchat the right platform to invest your marketing dollars? Absolutely not! In this case, marketing on LinkedIn and Facebook is much better option where you will get serious buyers for your offer.

It takes a lot of your resources and time to handle multiple social media accounts. Moreover, you cannot focus on all of the platforms and get favorable results across all of them. You should work on creating your buyers profile and then decide where you can easily find our target audience.

The size of your company doesn’t matter here. You just need to talk to your customers and make your choices wisely. So, choose those social networks where you can find the most of your target clients and utilize only these for your social media marketing efforts.



Your customers need to be engaged and should be told on a consistent basis that you are there for them. This could be done by sharing valuable content with them. You should ensure to create such content which attracts your target audience, and share it on your blog and social media profiles.

Good content helps in educating your customers and intrigue them to take an action or make a purchase. It is a good strategy to share educational posts more than product-focused content. Apart from just sharing your content you should also talk to your customers. Try resolving their problems by asking questions and responding to their queries.



If you want your social media presence to serve a purpose, this cannot be achieved if you don’t automate your post scheduling. You should make a social media calendar and decide on the content to be shared in advance. Add all your content, creatives, blog posts, special events and your product/service based posts to your calendar.

You should use any available social media scheduling tool to post your content on your behalf on desired time and channel. This will really help you to reduce your social accounts handling hassle and make you more organized.



You should make it easier for your audience to share your content on social media with their network. This will help you in getting more reach for your posts that is beyond your own followers and this will help in building trust among your users.

Try to include social share button on all the social channels you use to communicate with your customers whether social media posts, blog content on your website or even email marketing.

As it turns out, there are number of techniques to help improve your social media presence even if your competition pool is large. You just need to optimize your efforts and do the things in the right direction to see the positive results.

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