Tracking what your website visitors are searching on your site will help you gain insights to improve your site structure for a more refined user experience.  

You can track customers’ search terms using the “Site Search” feature of Google Analytics. 

What is Site Search?

Site search feature on Google Analytics helps you understand how your website visitors use the search function, what search terms they enter on your website, and how effectively the search results helped in creating deeper engagement with your website.

The site search feature is very important to improve user experience (UX). Understanding what users are searching for on your website gives you ideas on how to optimize your website content, improve the website’s structure, menus, and much more.

The terms that people search for on your website are available in the form of query parameters. These query parameters are appended to the URL so you can easily understand what terms are being searched for by analyzing the report.


What Can You Track Using Site Search?

In Google Analytics, you can track the following important information using its “site search” feature

  • The web pages from where the user started their search on your website (Start Page)
  • Search terms” that were used by your website visitors to find information on your site
  • The web pages that the visitor saw after clicking one of the search results on the search destination page
  • The “search categories” used by the website visitors
  • How effective the search results were in driving sales, conversions, and user engagement

With this information, you can add the missing content on your website i-e the content that a lot of users searched for but is not there on your website.

Moreover, by analyzing the site search report, you can improve the search results based on the important key phrases. You can also identify new keywords for your upcoming marketing campaigns.

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